Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making Over Martha by Julie M. Lippmann 1913 Women's Novel

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Title: Making Over Martha

Author: Julie Mathilde Lippmann

Storyline: The continuing adventures of Martha Slawson, a strong, kindly and humorous Irish serving woman in New York

Copyright: 1913

Publication: 1913

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, New York

Format: Green cloth-bound hardcover with applied plate to front cover

Page Count: 292

Author Biography:

Lippmann, Julie Mathilde (b.1864-d.1952) A popular American novelist, playwright and political activist, Lippman rubbed elbows with the literati of the day. Her most well known book is Martha-By-The-Day (1914) which she successfully made into a stage play in 1919. Lippman's  friends included Louisa May Alcott  and Mark Twain. Lippmann was a dedicated supporter of Theodore Roosevelt, worked for womens' suffrage, and wrote American propaganda during the First World War. Lippman lived and worked in New York City until she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she resided until her death.

Works include:  Sweet P's (1905); Making Over Martha (1913); Martha-By-The-Day (1914); Martha and Cupid (1914); Flexible Ferdinand (1919)