Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vera Caspary - Bedelia: the wickedest woman who ever lived

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Title: Bedelia

Author: Vera Caspary

Storyline: Charlie Carrington has married a babe, Bedelia.  They live the perfect life together, but careful what you wish for!  This is not your manic pixie dream girl there to get you out of your rut, Charlie.  Bedelia may be plotting to bury you under that rut--six feet under!  By day Bedelia is an earthy “Susie Homemaker” who transforms into a wild animal by night.  And why does the artist guy living down the street seem to know her?  You’ve got problems Charlie!  A Lusty suspense novel by Vera Caspary, author of the best selling “Laura.”  Was made into a popular WWII-era Hollywood film.  This is the Blackiston edition with dust jacket.  Blackiston brought hardcover books to the mass market using the same type setting plates used in the more expensive editions.  (Thanks to Wiki and IMDB)

Copyright: 1945; this Triangle Books edition dated Feb. 1947

Publisher:  The Blackiston Company

Format:  Cloth-bound hardcover

Page Count:  188

Author Biography:

Caspary, Vera (b.1899–1987) Vera Caspary’s own life as an independent working woman author, in an age when there were few, is worthy of novelization all on its own.  She lived from 1899 to 1987.  Born late in their lives to Jewish parents in Chicago, she was doted on.  She is most well known for having written the book and very successful Hollywood film noir “Laura,” which caused many girls of the time to receive that name.  Her education went no further than a typing course, but her life was the stuff of every office girls’ dreams.  She traveled and lived around the world, had best-selling novels, wrote and produced plays, was sought after as a writer by nearly every major Hollywood studio, got rich, went broke, and got rich again.  A very shrewd business person, Vera was able to write and sell manuals, periodicals, and correspondence courses for which she had no expertise, such as ballroom dancing.  She even manage to re-sell the same plot reworked as books and movie scripts four separate times.  She met the love of her life, worked with him as an equal partner, lived openly in sin with him, and married him when he became terminally ill.  She also had major intrigue in her personal life flirting with the communist party, then dumping them, and forcing two governments to bring her to England during a world war so she could be with her lover.  Vera’s experiences definitely provided the fodder the engaging thrillers she wrote.

Works include: A Manual of Classic Dancing (1922), Ladies and Gents (1929), The White Girl (1929), Music in the Street (1930), Thicker than Water (1932), Laura (1943), Bedelia (1945). Stranger Than Truth (1946), The Murder in the Stork Club (1946), The Weeping And The Laughter (1950), Thelma (1952), False Face (1954), The Husband (1957), Evvie (1960), Bachelor in Paradise (1961), A Chosen Sparrow (1964), The Man Who Loved His Wife (1966), The Rosecrest Cell (1967), Final Portrait (1971), Ruth (1972), Dreamers (1975), Elizabeth X (1978), The Secrets of Grown-Ups (1979), The Murder in the Stork Club and Other Mysteries (2009)